Welcome to *AEI* - Association of European Inventors

*AEI* was created in 1989 by the founding members France, Germany, Belgium, Switzerland, Italy and Spain as a working group under the name “Action in Europe for Education, Invention and Innovation”. Due to the positive development, the company was refounded in Geneva in 2008. The registered association * AEI * – Association Européenne des Inventeurs (European Association of Inventors) – based in Strasbourg, was formed from the working group.

Our current status

The work of *AEI * focuses on supporting individual inventors. We are aware that our influence in industry and politics is extremely limited. The world of invention and patents is now one-sidedly dominated by large companies and causes social imbalance.

It is therefore not surprising that the success rate of the individual inventor is very low, the existing market realities are quite often not favourable for new ideas. They even may be hindering them. Under these premises , *AEI* has set itself as main task to support the long terme existence of the European individual inventor.  

It is therefore important to recombine our national forces and unite us under an strong European Umbrella Association *AEI*.

Press photo IENA Grand Women's Prize * AEI * Inventors' Fair Nuremberg to Miriam Vollmar, with Vice President Fernando Lopes and President Joachim Bader
Press article (SZ) with Bruno Gruber, German inventor with over 400 patents
Grand Prix * AEI * to Prof. Stirling Howieson (Scotland), with his wife and President Joachim Bader (press article Innovationsforum)

Our operative goals

The objectives of *AEI * can be clearly illustrated using the three letters of our logo called A – E – I.

“A” – Association, stands for the goal to form a community of Inventor Associations

  • to unite the national inventor associations into one European umbrella organization
  • to make inventing and technical creativity accessible to everyone
  • to give the individual inventor a voice
  • to award great inventions in exhibitions
  • to promote especially women inventors and young inventors
Großer Preis *AEI*
Großer Preis *AEI*
Großer Jugendpreis *AEI*
Großer Jugendpreis *AEI*
Großer Frauenpreis *AEI*

“E” – European, stands for the goal to offer national inventor associations membership in  *AEI * and to make them benefiting from a common network

  • Integration of Europe’s special cultural diversity
  • Respect for invention as an intellectual creation, aligned with universal human rights
  • Advertise foundations and sponsors as supporters
Jerzy Polacek, Joachim Bader, Branka Kolar-Mijatovic
G. Jäger, H-G. Torkel, J. Bader, M. Scota, J. Polacek, K. Bauch, B. Kolar-Mijatovic, Übersetzerin
Branka Kolar-Mijatovic, Joachim Bader, Gérard de Villeroché

“I” – Inventeur Européen, European inventor, a synonym for his personality as a significant I n d i v i d u u m in society

* AEI * has the mandate to support the individual inventors so that they

  • are seen as a creative and enriching potential for our economies
  • can work in ecology as a permanently flowing source of new ideas and impulses to conserve resources
  • can enrich life with practical, facilitating and social inventions in the design of the cultural environment

Free inventors should contribute to the further development of society as a constructive and creative force

Sterling Motor, inventor: Prof. Jochen Benz
Beatrice Schalk, board member of DEV, tests bicycle inventions
Base screw, inventor: André Rieke

The leadership of *AEI*

The President

New President since 01.01.2022

Prof. Michal Szota

Voted 4th of November 2021 at JENA Nuremberg 

The Vice-Presidents

Dr. Branka Kolar Mijatovic

Dr. Branka Kolar Mijatovic

President Women Inventors’ Association EWI 

Bosnia and Herzegovina


Dipl. Ing. Hans-Georg Torkel

Dipl. Ing. Hans-Georg Torkel

Founder KIT-Initiative Germany e.V.


Mladen Karic
Diplom Ing. Mladen Karić

Diplom Ing. Mladen Karić



Dipl. Ing. Jens Dahlems

Dipl. Ing. Jens Dahlems

Director ERINET Funding for Inventors



Prof. Michal Szota
Prof. Michal Szota

Prof. Michal Szota

President of the Polish Inventors’ Association SPWIR


Lord Maldonado, Baron of Rajacic

Lord Maldonado, Baron of Rajacic

President INVENTARIUM-SCIENCE , Portugal


The Honorary President

Gérard de Villeroché

Gérard de Villeroché



Shaping the future

* AEI * stands in the tradition of a long European history of inventors. It is therefore up to * AEI * to keep this tradition alive and to actively continue it. This continues to oblige us to portray the unique function of the European inventor in the history of Europe and in the world.

In order to continue European inventions, *AEI* calls on all players in our society. This affects both civil society, governments and parliaments. They must all contribute to this continuity, which is so important for Europe.

The inventors’ associations themselves are invited to join *AEI* as a national member and to support European inventions through their membership.

Togetherness creates synergies and makes you strong!